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A Constructed Peace: The Making of the European Settlement, 1945-1963
PrefaceAbbreviationsPt. IThe Division of EuropeCh. 1A Spheres of Influence Peace?3Ch. 2Toward the Rubicon34Ch. 3The Test of Strength66Pt. IIThe Nato SystemCh. 4The Making of the NATO System95Ch.
The Craft of International History: A Guide to Method
PREFACE vii CHAPTER ONE: The Theory of Historical Inquiry 1 CHAPTER TWO: Diplomatic History and International Relations Theory 30 CHAPTER THREE: The Critical Analysis of Historical Texts 51 CHAPTER
History and strategy
This work is a powerful demonstration of how historical analysis can be brought to bear on the study of strategic issues, and, conversely, how strategic thinking can help drive historical research.
Audience Costs: An Historical Analysis
This article examines the argument that the ability of a government to generate “audience costs”—to create a situation, that is, in which it would pay a domestic political price for backing
The Edgewood Drama: An Epic Quest for Education Equity
If he arrived at work half an hour early, the janitor would have time to rip the bats from the eaves of Edgewood Elementary School before the children filled the crumbling building's halls.
The Question of Realism:
Different countries want different things; sometimes those desires conflict; how then do those conflicts get worked out? This is perhaps the most basic problem in the study of international politic...
A Constructed Peace