Marc Steffen Rapp

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Building on a unique panel data set of German Prime Standard companies for the period 2005-2008, this paper investigates the influencing factors of both director compensation levels and structure, i.e. the probability of performance-based compensation. Drawing on agency theory arguments and previous literature, we analyze a comprehensive group of(More)
Muscle relaxation techniques are important adjunctive therapy for anxiety-related conditions. Family physicians can learn to teach the techniques so as to try helping anxious patients themselves rather than automatically referring them to a psychiatrist. The exercises are generally acceptable to patients, are easy to learn and do not require expensive(More)
This paper describes the operation of a psychiatric intensive care unit in a provincial psychiatric hospital. Its introduction led to a decrease in staff and patient accidents, a decrease in constant observation and seclusion hours, and a decrease in the number of nursing hours lost to injuries at work. It had no effect on nursing absenteeism. The ICU was(More)
  • M S Rapp
  • Canadian journal of psychiatry. Revue canadienne…
  • 1986
Psychoactive drug combinations continue to be controversial. The concept of "polypharmacy", a pejorative and meaningless term, nevertheless gave rise to useful surveys on combined drug use, to methods of monitoring and controlling multiple drug use, and to a small number of studies which imply that a few psychoactive drug-drug combinations are rational.(More)
Behavioural disturbances in the demented elderly cause a significant amount of distress both to the patients and their caregivers. This article first summarizes the phenomenology associated with these disturbances. It then deals with the pharmacological methods of reducing these disturbances. Finally, it deals with some of the more recent advances in(More)