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We describe methods and practices of early user involvement and human-centred design: how researchers and designers, in the ICT industry, attempt to cooperate with end-users, with the goal of making a better match with end-users’ needs and preferences. We describe six (dance) moves: participatory design, ethnographic fieldwork, lead-user approach,(More)
In this essay several virtues are discussed that are needed in people who work in participatory design (PD). The term PD is used here to refer specifically to an approach in designing information systems with its roots in Scandinavia in the 1970s and 1980s. Through the lens of virtue ethics and based on key texts in PD, the virtues of cooperation,(More)
Most people choose to listen to music that they prefer or 'like' such as classical, country or rock. Previous research has focused on how different characteristics of music (i.e., classical versus country) affect the brain. Yet, when listening to preferred music--regardless of the type--people report they often experience personal thoughts and memories. To(More)
Co-design is increasingly popular in many businesses and organizations (Binder, Brandt, & Gregory, 2008). However, codesign is sometimes used as a buzz word and it is not always entirely clear how co-design contributes to a service design project. The goal of this paper is to help the people who are involved in codesign to articulate more precisely and(More)
The aim of the project that underlies this paper is to advance our understanding of wecentric ICT services. Such services are meant to support people who work, communicate and cooperate in dynamic groups. An exploration of the qualities of such services yields delicate questions about for example group membership, social appropriateness, dynamic tasks,(More)
  • Marc Steen
  • Symposium on Designing Interactive Systems
  • 1997
A multidisciplinary team at Philips Sound and Vision’s TV Lab developed an E-mail-on-TV functionality. Their objective is to offer the benefits of E-mail to people in their living environment without having to use a PC. Developing such a product-market combination requires working on the product-side and on the market-side in parallel. In order to guide(More)
Developers and designers make all sorts of moral decisions throughout an innovation project. In this article, we describe how teams of developers and designers engaged with ethics in the early phases of innovation based on case studies in the SUBCOP project (SUBCOP stands for 'SUicide Bomber COunteraction and Prevention'). For that purpose, Value Sensitive(More)