Marc Seidemann

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Fifty-nine cases of tuberculous meningitis in children seen at the Charity Hospital at New Orleans since the addition of isoniazid to the therapy in 1952 are reviewed. Fourteen of the children died during hopsitalization. At discharge 21 children had complete or nearly complete clinical recovery. Follow-up of 21 available long-term survivors revealed a(More)
The number of security incidents in computer systems is steadily increasing, despite intrusion detection and prevention mechanisms deployed as countermeasures. Many existing intrusion detection and prevention systems struggle to keep up with new threats posed by zero-day attacks and/or have serious performance impacts through extensive monitoring,(More)
Due to the increasing amount of spatial data, parallel algorithms for processing big spatial data become more and more important. In particular, the shared nothing architecture is attractive as it offers low cost data processing. Moreover, popular MapReduce frameworks such as Hadoop allow developing conceptually simple and scalable algorithms for processing(More)
The pathophysiological relationship of Eustachian tube dysfunction to middle ear effusion is widely accepted. Several techniques have been developed for utilizing the clinical measurements of acoustic immittance to assess the ventilatory status of the Eustachian tube. This article describes the array of procedures currently in use as well as a selection of(More)
Eustachian tube patency was assessed tympanometrically in a group of otologically normal children at a pediatric outpatient clinic. A pressure-swallow technique of assessing eustachian tube patency was administered. The results indicated the importance of the examination of both middle ear pressure and function changes in the evaluation of eustachian tube(More)
Averaged electroencephalic audiometry has previously demonstrated that cortical responses to auditory stimuli increase and decrease in a direct relationship with stimulus sensation levels. This study utilized a conditioning paradigm with bimodal stimulus presentations in order to effect an enhancement of the auditory evoked response at low sensation levels(More)
The connection of automotive systems with other systems such as road-side units, other vehicles, and various servers in the Internet opens up new ways for attackers to remotely access safety relevant subsystems within connected cars. The security of connected cars and the whole vehicular ecosystem is thus of utmost importance for consumer trust and(More)
Available electroacoustic middle-ear measurement instruments report information concerning middle-ear function in at least six different terms. These terms are used to report middle-ear function: impedance, compliance, admittance, susceptance, conductance, and volume. A standard system for the clinical expression of middle-ear measurements, regardless of(More)