Marc Seidemann

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The number of security incidents in computer systems is steadily increasing, despite intrusion detection and prevention mechanisms deployed as countermeasures. Many existing intrusion detection and prevention systems struggle to keep up with new threats posed by zero-day attacks and/or have serious performance impacts through extensive monitoring,(More)
Due to the increasing amount of spatial data, parallel algorithms for processing big spatial data become more and more important. In particular, the shared nothing architecture is attractive as it offers low cost data processing. Moreover, popular MapReduce frameworks such as Hadoop allow developing conceptually simple and scalable algorithms for processing(More)
Averaged electroencephalic audiometry has previously demonstrated that cortical responses to auditory stimuli increase and decrease in a direct relationship with stimulus sensation levels. This study utilized a conditioning paradigm with bimodal stimulus presentations in order to effect an enhancement of the auditory evoked response at low sensation levels(More)
Acoustic-reflex adaptation was assessed in 49 normal ears. Acoustic reflexes were elicited by the use of contralateral stimulation at four frequencies and five sensation levels. The results displayed the effects of stimulus frequency and sensation level on the amount of acoustic-reflex adaptation. Suggestions are presented for clinical procedures for(More)
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