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According to Koestler, the notion of a bisociation denotes a connection between pieces of information from habitually separated domains or categories. In this chapter, we consider a methodology to find such bisociations using a BisoNet as a representation of knowledge. In a first step, we consider how to create BisoNets from several tex-tual databases taken(More)
In standard frequent item set mining one tries to find item sets the support of which exceeds a user-specified threshold (minimum support) in a database of transactions. We, instead, strive to find item sets for which the similarity of the covers of the items (that is, the sets of transactions containing the items) exceeds a user-defined threshold. This(More)
Since the genomics revolution, bioinformatics has never been so popular. Many researchers have investigated with great success the use of evolutionary computation in bioinformatics [19] for example in the field of protein folding or determining genome sequences. In this paper, instead of using evolutionary computation as a way to provide new and innovative(More)
— The demography of anchovy fishes in the Gulf of Biscay seems to be related to the presence of so-called " retentive " hydrodynamical structures, that keep fish eggs and larvae in a favorable environment. To verify this hypothesis, an automatic detection tool is needed to process a database of thousands of hydrodynamical maps to be compared with biologists(More)
Many classification schemes for defining protein functions, such as Gene Ontology (GO), are organised in a hierarchical structure. Nodes near the root of the hierarchy represent general functions while nodes near the leaves of the hierarchy represent more specific functions, giving the flexibility to specify at which level the protein will be annotated. In(More)
Turbulent shear flows have triggered fundamental research in nonlinear dynamics, like transition scenarios, pattern formation and dynamical modeling. In particular, the control of nonlinear dynamics is subject of research since decades. In this publication, actuated turbulent shear flows serve as test-bed for a nonlinear feedback control strategy which can(More)
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