Marc Schweitzer

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Studies about brain maturation aim at providing a better understanding of brain development and links between brain changes and cognitive development. Such studies are of great interest for diagnosis help and clinical course of development and treatment of illnesses. However, the processing of fetal brain MR images remains complicated which limits the(More)
The "ambiance" of a space has an effect on people using the space. In recent years, design for health care environments has begun to include esthetic enhancements in an attempt to reduce stress and anxiety, increase patient satisfaction, and promote health and healing. In this paper, the authors survey the existing research on those elements of the built(More)
Prostaglandin (PG) E1 plays a major role in the regulation of thymus development and T lymphocyte function and the evidence for this is reviewed. The production of PGE1 is dependent on nutritional factors with linoleic acid, gamma-linolenic acid, pyridoxine, zinc and vitamin C playing key roles. Inadequate intake of any one of these will lead to inadequate(More)
In the past 5 years, European investigators have played a major role in the development of clinical gene therapy. The provision of substantial funds by some individual member states to construct GMP facilities makes it an opportune time to network available gene therapy GMP facilities at an EU level. The integrated coordination of GMP production facilities(More)
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