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Metaphor Detection through Term Relevance
A statistical approach to metaphor detection that utilizes the rarity of novel metaphors, marking words that do not match a text’s typical vocabulary as metaphor candidates and appears to be particularly useful when data is sparse, while its effect diminishes as the amount of training data increases. Expand
Towards Bootstrapping a Polarity Shifter Lexicon using Linguistic Features
This work bootstrap a lexicon of verbs by exploitingVarious linguistic features by exploiting various linguistic features and drastically reduces the annotation effort while ensuring a high-precision lexicon. Expand
Introducing a Lexicon of Verbal Polarity Shifters for English
A lexicon of verbal polarity shifters is introduced that covers the entirety of verbs found in WordNet and provides a fine-grained annotation of individual word senses, as well as information for each verbal shifter on the syntactic scopes that it can affect. Expand
Extending the Public DGS Corpus in Size and Depth
This article provides an overview of the evolution of the Public DGS Corpus from its first release in 2018, through its second release in 2019 until its third release in 2020, chronicling the evolution. Expand
Context-based recognition network adaptation for improving on-line ASR in Air Traffic Control
An approach for incorporating situational context information into an on-line Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) component of an Air Traffic Control (ATC) assistance system to improve recognition performance and shows a reduction in command error rate when context is used. Expand
Assistant-Based Speech Recognition for ATM Applications
—Situation awareness of today’s automation relies so far on sensor information, data bases and the information delivered by the operator using an appropriate user interface. Listening to theExpand
Real-time integration of dynamic context information for improving automatic speech recognition
A real-time system which dynamically integrates situational context into ASR and achieves a 51% reduction of the Command Error Rate which is used as evaluation metric in the ATC domain. Expand
Air Traffic Controller Support by Speech Recognition
Air traffic controllers (ATCO) are a core element of the flight guidance process. Decision support systems with accurate output data could increase the controllers’ performance or reduce theirExpand
Separating Actor-View from Speaker-View Opinion Expressions using Linguistic Features
This is the first comprehensive work to address sentiment views on the word level taking into consideration opinion verbs, nouns and adjectives, and it is shown that the (prior) word-level annotation correlates with contextual sentiment views. Expand