Marc Sanders

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Discussion forums, employed by MOOC providers as the primary mode of interaction among instructors and students, have emerged as one of the important components of online courses. We empirically study contribution behavior in these online collaborative learning forums using data from 44 MOOCs hosted on Coursera, focusing primarily on the highest-volume(More)
In four patients the development of erythematous plaques after vitamin K injections was apparently due to delayed hypersensitivity reactions. The 36 cases described in the literature indicate that most patients with the reaction received vitamin K injections for liver disease and that a late sclerodermatous reaction develops rarely.
Let Mk be the moduli space of based (anti-self-dual) instantons on CP 2 of charge k and rank n. There is a natural inclusion Mk ↪→M k . We show that the direct limit space Mk is homotopy equivalent to BU(k)× BU(k). Let `∞ be a line in the complex projective plane and let C̃P 2 be the blow-up at a point away from `∞. Mk can be alternatively described as the(More)
We study the large n limit of the moduli spaces of Gn-instantons on S and CP 2 where Gn is SU(n), Sp(n/2), or SO(n). We show that in the direct limit topology, the moduli space is homotopic to a classifying space. For example, the moduli space of Sp(∞) or SO(∞) instantons on CP 2 has the homotopy type of BU(k) where k is the charge of the instantons. We use(More)
Let M (k; SO(n)) be the moduli space of based gauge equivalence classes of SO(n) instantons on principal SO(n) bundles over S 4 with rst Pontryagin class p 1 = 2k. In this paper, we use a monad description ((Ti], D]) of these moduli spaces to show that in the limit over n, the moduli space is homotopy equivalent to the classifying space BSp(k). Finally, we(More)
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