Marc Salvati

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Various forms of art and entertainment involve many different characters, and advances in human interfaces have necessitated physical interactions in order to develop an improved sense of reality. In this paper we propose a method for generating the motions of characters using multidimensional keyframe animation in parallel with real-time physical(More)
In this paper, we propose a new animation creation process, based on the teacher-student concept. You are the teacher and want to teach someone a performance. First you show the student how to perform an action, you tell him "do like me". Then you correct his posture by moving with hands his arms, his torso, feet position and so forth by saying to him "do(More)
2D/3D conversion is a process where 3D information is added to an originally 2D flat content. The content may be of three kinds: live-action movies, 3DCG movies, and animated cartoon. In this talk we will describe a set of in-house tools to efficiently convert from Japanese hand-drawn animation to stereoscopic animation.
The game and movie industries always face the challenge of reproducing materials. This problem is tackled by combining illumination models and various textures (painted or procedural patterns). Generating stochastic wall patterns is crucial in the creation of a wide range of backgrounds (castles, temples, ruins...). A specificWang tile set was introduced(More)
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