Marc Sabatino

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Rats were treated for 5 weeks with three subconvulsant doses of picrotoxin (PTX) and pentylenetetrazol (PTZ) per week to induce a persistent reduction of the GABAA receptor function which results in chemical kindling. Fifteen days after termination of this treatment schedule, the effect of desipramine (DMI) and alprazolam (ALP) on immobility time in the(More)
Electrically induced afterdischarges (ADs) were evoked in cat's dorsal hippocampus. The effect of the conditioning prestimulation of the caudate head on AD duration was tested. A strong inhibitory action was observed when conditioning caudate stimulation immediately preceded hippocampal test stimulation. An increase in threshold values following caudate(More)
The H reflex of flexor carpi radialis and radial-induced reciprocal inhibition were recorded in normal subjects during conditioning stimulation of the contralateral median or radial nerves. It was found that stimulation of the contralateral median nerve enhanced the degree of reciprocal inhibition exerted by the radial nerve on the median nerve, while(More)
Informed volunteers were asked to perform different neuropsychological tests involving selective attention under control conditions and during transcranial magnetic cortical stimulation. The tests chosen involved the recognition of a specific letter among different letters (verbal test) and the search for three different spatial orientations of an appendage(More)
Substantia nigra is a mesencephalic structure inserted along several circuits which appear to play a key role in epilepsy. In previous researches we postulated that substantia nigra pars compacta (SNpc) may be the site of a precise control of hippocampal epilepsy while substantia nigra pars reticulata (SNpr) may exert a modulation of both neocortical(More)
The influence of acetylcholine (ACh) upon N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor activation of neostriatal neurons is unknown. In the present study, we used both in vitro intracellular and in vivo electroencephalographic recordings in rats to examine this question. In vitro, iontophoretic application of carbachol, a cholinergic receptor agonist, significantly(More)
The effects of internal pallidum and lateral habenula stimulation on epileptiform activity of cat's hippocampus were studied. A steady interictal activity was induced by locally applied sodium penicillin (PCN) solution. Both pallidal and habenular electrical stimulation caused an increase in spike frequency and amplitude. Intraperitoneally injected atropine(More)
A reduction of flexor carpi radialis H reflex size was produced by submotor threshold stimulation of the radial nerve. This reduction reflects reciprocal inhibition exerted by the inhibitory IA interneuron. The effects of contralateral movements on IA reciprocal inhibition were studied in eight normal subjects. Active contralateral arm movement appeared to(More)
Hippocampal-based epileptiform activity may reach the basal ganglia via the nucleus accumbens. Previous data suggested that caudate nucleus is able to influence hippocampal epilepsy, probably sending a projection to the septum. In order to test the hypothesis of a retrograde activation of accumbens-caudate pathway in hippocampal regulation, we electrically(More)
The action of lateral habenula (LH) stimulation on focal epileptiform activity in the hippocampus was studied. Local microinjection of sodium penicillin induced a steady interictal activity in the dorsal hippocampus. Low frequency electrical stimulation of the habenula caused a marked enhancement of spike activity in both frequency and amplitude. The effect(More)