Marc Sörensen

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This study investigated improvements in pre-hospital care for patients with acute exacerbated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (aeCOPD) achieved by using a standard operating procedure (SOP). An SOP for pre-hospital treatment of patients with aeCOPD was designed based on valid national guidelines. A total of 1000 Emergency Medical Service patient care(More)
To determine whether a standard operating procedure (SOP) for prehospital management of patients with the acute coronary syndrome (ACS) improves the quality of patient care in terms of adherence to treatment guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology. Among a total of 1025 patient medical records collected from a period before and after the(More)
AIM To evaluate the effect of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to improve the completion of patient care documentation items on patient care reports (PCRs) in a physician-staffed, 4500-calls-per-year preclinical ground emergency medical service (EMS) base. METHODS Two series of PCRs were analysed before (n=505) and after (n=520) the introduction of(More)
Vascular tumours of the liver present variously in the paediatric age group. Their clinical course depends on tumour size, its growth characteristics, localization and complications. The most feared complications are cardiac failure and the Kasabach-Merritt syndrome which may occur in up to 50% of affected children. In haemangioendotheliomata and capillary(More)
Increasing numbers of reports indicate direct effects of ovarian steroids on the central nervous system. Effects of progesterone and its metabolites on brain excitability in humans and in experimental animals have been studied. Anti-epileptic effects have been shown in cats and in women with partial epilepsy and well-defined epileptic foci. The reduced(More)
Indications for operation, immediate postoperative morbidity and complications were recorded in 43 patients circumcised with the Plastibell device. Questionnaires were used in recording late postoperative morbidity and complications during the mean observation period of 29 months, and were followed by a clinical and cosmetic assessment. No serious(More)
This paper presents the plant information included in the eBASIS (BioActive Substances in Foods Information System) database on composition and biological activity of selected bioactive compounds from European plant/mushroom foods with putative beneficial and/or toxic effects. The European Food Information Resource (EuroFIR)-NETTOX Plant List (2007)(More)
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