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Successful Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), such as The Lost Experience, I Love Bees and Urgent EVOKE have solicited thousands of active participants and, often, millions of spectators from around the world. ARGs require significant resources not only in terms of initial design, but also in implementation, since live, dynamic interplay between players and(More)
Black carbon (BC) is a light-absorbing particle that warms the atmosphere–Earth system. The climate effects of BC are amplified in the Arctic, where its deposition on light surfaces decreases the albedo and causes earlier melt of snow and ice. Despite its suggested significant role in Arctic climate warming, there is little information on BC concentrations(More)
st Century Literacies Order of authorship is listed alphabetically to signal equal input and investment on the part of all the authors in the research and writing of this paper. Abstract Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) are a new genre of transmedia practice where players collaboratively hunt for clues, make sense of disparate information, and solve puzzles(More)
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