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OBJECTIVES To determine the outcome of arterial reconstructive procedures, we audited retrospectively peripheral bypass grafts and endarterectomies performed between 1982 and 1990. MATERIALS AND METHODS 1005 peripheral arterial procedures were performed in 862 lower limbs in 782 patients. 62% of the limbs were critically ischaemic. The procedures include(More)
5-Azacytidine (5-AZA), a DNA methyl transferase inhibitor, is a clinically used epigenetic drug for cancer therapy. Recently, we have shown that 5-AZA upregulates ten-eleven translocation (TET) protein expression in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells, which induce active demethylation. Vitamin C facilitates TET activity and enhances active demethylation.(More)
Indications and modalities of quality control in infrainguinal bypass surgery are reviewed and discussed. A concept and an armamentarium for its practical use are presented. The majority of graft occlusions occur during the first postoperative year. Most failures in the first month are due to technical errors. Many of these can be detected by intraoperative(More)
This article reviews the empirical research which has examined the relationships among chronic pain and cognitions like attributions, coping, beliefs, expectations and problem solving. Methods for the examination of pain cognitions and coping strategies are reviewed. Current research which shows the significance of cognitions and coping for the(More)
Evaluation of the spoken and written language skills of prelingually deaf pupils is necessary to improve existing language curricula. Research on written language shows notable delays and substantial differences in the development of written language in comparison to hearing peers. It is difficult to investigate the spontaneous speech because of(More)
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In previous experiments our group has shown that test subjects with normal hearing are able to draw pertinent information from visual signals generated from the analysis and transformation of speech. However, the results of these tests could be applied indiscriminately to the deaf. More recently we have studied the speed with which deaf subjects could learn(More)
Hintergrund: Die Betrachtung chronischer Schmerzen unter kognitionspsychologischer Perspektive weist mindestens 3 Dimensionen auf: Erstens können schmerzbezogene Einstellungen, Überzeugungen und Coping-Kognitionen in ihrer Bedeutung für die Chronifizierung untersucht werden. Zweitens kann man lern- und gedächtnispsychologische Prozesse bei Schmerzpatienten(More)