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We evaluated the pituitary and gonadal suppression in 40 girls and nine boys treated with depot leuprorelin (3.75 mg sc if body weight > or = 20 kg, 1.87 mg if body weight < 20 kg) every 28 days for central precocious puberty. Gonadal suppression was obtained in most of the children with this dose: 3 months after initiation of the treatment, 85% of children(More)
From April 1985 to July 1987, 1,408 healthy white men aged 20-60 years in Paris, France, recruited on an occupational basis, underwent a physical examination and measurements of plasma sex hormones in a cross-sectional study. Both total testosterone and estradiol showed a significant stepwise decrease with age (p less than 0.001) starting in the early adult(More)
Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH), also called Müllerian inhibiting substance or factor, is produced by Sertoli cells from fetal life until puberty. In the present study, AMH, testosterone (T), LH, and FSH were measured by immunochemical methods in the serum of 50 boys with normal or delayed pubertal development, 4 patients with suspected androgen insensitivity,(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the adequacy of the first-phase insulin response for predicting development of insulin-dependent diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Determinations were made of 1- and 3-min insulin responses to glucose (0.5 g/kg i.v.), islet cell antibodies (ICAs), insulin autoantibodies (IAAs), and HLA. We studied 220 first-degree relatives (aged(More)
We have attempted to document in cryptorchid children that there is an LH deficiency and a secondary deficiency of testosterone. We have shown a diminished LH peak after LH-RH in cryptorchid versus normal infants (P<0.05). The postnatal surge of testosterone is significantly low (P<0.001) in permanent cryptorchids versus infants with secondary testicular(More)
In cryptorchid infants, significantly decreased mean levels of plasma testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH) were found between the ages of 30 and 120 days. The levels of testosterone and LH were significantly correlated. No significant difference was found between infants with bilateral or unilateral cryptorchidism. After 120 days there was no longer(More)
LH-RH test and HCG stimulation test were performed in 154 cryptorchid boys aged 1 month to 15 years (64 unilateral and 90 bilateral). Basal plasma LH levels and LH response to LH-RH were significantly lower from infancy to early puberty in cryptorchids compared with controls. Basal FSH levels and FSH response to LH-RH were normal. The post-HCG rise of(More)
Precocious puberty results mostly from the precocious activation of the gonadotropic axis. Although the age limits have recently been discussed, most physicians consider that onset of pubertal development before the age of 8 years in a girl or 9 years in a boy warrants at least a clinical and bone age evaluation by a paediatric endocrinologist. The major(More)
The prevalence of diabetes is known to be high in the West Indies, whereas CVD seems relatively rare. This apparently contradicts the existence of the insulin-resistance syndrome, a cluster of metabolic abnormalities supposedly favoring both diabetes and cardiovascular complications. To address the question of whether this contradiction could be accounted(More)