Marc Ritter

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Supporting most aspects of a media provider's real workflows such as production, distribution, content description, archiving, and re-use of video items, we developed a holistic framework to solve issues such as lack of human resources, necessity of parallel media distribution, and retrieving previously archived content through editors or consumers.
In this working notes paper we present our methodology in clinical speech recognition for the Task 1.a.1 of the CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab 2015. The goal of this task is to minimize the worddetection errors. Our approach is based on the assumption that each spoken clinical document has its own context. Hence, the recognition system is adapted for each(More)
Information retrieval systems facilitate the search for annotated audiovisual documents from different corpora. One of the main problems is to determine domain-specific vocabulary like names, brands, technical terms etc. by using general language models (LM) especially in broadcast news. Our approach consists of two steps to overcome the out-of-vocabulary(More)
Pedestrian detection is an important field in computer vision with applications in surveillance, robotics and driver assistance systems. The quality of such systems can be improved by the simultaneous use of different sensors. This paper proposes three different fusion techniques to combine the advantages of two vision sensors -- a far-infrared (FIR) and a(More)