Marc Reynders

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BACKGROUND Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) suffer from various symptoms, including debilitating fatigue, muscle pain, and muscle weakness. Patients with CFS can experience marked functional impairment. In this study, we evaluated the exercise capacity in a large cohort of female patients with CFS. METHODS Patients with CFS and matched(More)
We investigated the influence of various fixatives on monoclonal anti-BrdUrd antibody binding of BrdUrd-substituted DNA in tissue sections of routinely processed mouse small intestine after in vivo administration of BrdUrd. For denaturing fixatives such as ethanol or Carnoy's fluid, a standard denaturation protocol showed specific crypt cell labeling. With(More)
A new staining protocol is described for the immunocytochemical detection of BrdUrd labeled nuclei. Pepsin treatment of ethanol fixed cells or tissue, followed by DNA denaturation at low pH, resulted in increased sensitivity of BrdUrd staining comparable to the thermal denaturation protocol, and decreased background binding. This technique is applicable to(More)
BACKGROUND Individual assessment of the prognosis of patients with breast cancer is crucial for the selection of risk-adapted adjuvant therapy and in follow-up. Parameters from DNA flow-cytometry have been shown to provide significant prognostic information, but published results are in conflict and there are only a few investigations with long-term(More)
Groups of five male Wistar rats weighing 306 +/- 17 g were fed a diet containing 2% 2-(3)-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyanisole (BHA) or basal diet (control group) for 2 weeks. Subsequently, rats received an i.p. injection of 25 mg/kg bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU), a thymidine analogue, and were killed after 4 h. The gastro-intestinal tract was removed and fixed in 70%(More)
The immunogenicity and safety of a heat-inactivated hepatitis B vaccine (CLB) was evaluated in 471 seronegative low-risk volunteers and 227 haemodialysis patients, treated in hepatitis B-free dialysis centres. Of 202 healthy low-risk volunteers who recieved three doses of 3 lag heat-inactivated HBsAg at intervals of I month, 42% developed anti-HBs within 1(More)
Cyperus absconditicoronatus Bauters, Reynders & Goetgh. and C. unispicatus Bauters, Reynders & Goetgh., two new species of Cyperus L. (Cyperaceae) from Angola and Zambia, are recognized. Cyperus absconditicoronatus is a tall species (55–100 cm) characterized by a scaled rhizome, a single terminal capitulum, a ciliated spikelet bract, and deciduous(More)
We developed a rapid and convenient immunocytochemical method for simultaneous detection of antigen expression and S-phase cells by means of anti-bromodeoxyuridine (BrdUrd) antibodies. Immunocytochemical detection of BrdUrd after in vivo administration in mice was compared with autoradiography using [3H]-BrdUrd. Both the sensitivity and specificity of the(More)