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We report 98 consecutive patients with leptomeningeal metastases from lymphoma and other solid tumors. Of 90 who had non-CNS primary tumors, 71 had a life expectancy of at least 2 months from their systemic disease and were treated according to a protocol including radiotherapy to the symptomatic areas of the CNS and chemotherapeutic agents (usually MTX)(More)
The Src-related protein kinase Lyn plays an important role in B-cell activation. However, several lines of evidence suggest that it is also involved in the control of cellular proliferation and the inhibition of apoptosis. We have discovered that Lyn is expressed in normal prostate epithelia, in 95% of primary human prostate cancer (PC) specimens examined,(More)
OBJECTIVE In this cross-sectional pilot study of couples in whom the man was diagnosed with prostate cancer or the woman with breast cancer, the purpose was to identify and compare the variables that characterize couples where both spouses are in high psychological distress with couples where the psychological distress of both spouses is within the normal(More)
Heparanase activity correlates with metastatic potentials of lymphoma, melanoma and mammary adenocarcinoma cell lines. We investigated the ability of various modified species of heparin and size homogeneous oligosaccharides derived from depolymerized heparin to inhibit: a) heparanase-mediated degradation of heparan sulfate (HS) in the extracellular matrix(More)
Despite substantial developments in gastric cancer treatment, the majority of patients relapse after definitive surgery. We have previously described well-tolerated adjuvant regimen that includes a combination of bolus 5-fluorouracil, continuous 5-fluorouracil, and cisplatin followed by chemoradiation after 3 months of chemotherapy. The aim of this study(More)
Stereotactic radiosurgery has emerged in recent years as a key treatment technique for a number of intracranial lesions, whether malignant or benign. In this issue of IMAJ, Attia and colleagues present a review of this treatment modality in general, as well as of their own experience [1]. The group from Sheba Medical Center is to be commended for their(More)
Although considerable attention has been directed in the field of gene therapy toward elucidating the mechanism by which a transduced cell could kill a bystander cell, little is known about how bystander cells may affect transduced cells. We hypothesized that bystander cells, particularly if they were capable of gap junctional communication, could protect(More)
OBJECTIVES To study interphysician variability of delineation of the prostatic fossa clinical target volume (pfCTV) to be irradiated in patients with residual or recurrent microscopic prostate cancer following radical prostatectomy and to estimate the risk for a geographical miss. METHODS Thirty-eight pfCTV were delineated on postradical prostatectomy(More)
BACKGROUND Conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is unable to differentiate tumor/nontumor enhancing tissues. We have applied delayed-contrast MRI for calculating high resolution treatment response assessment maps (TRAMs) clearly differentiating tumor/nontumor tissues in brain tumor patients. METHODS One hundred and fifty patients with(More)