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Over the past few years, HNC has developed a neural network based, vector space approach to text retrieval. This approach, embodied in a system called MatchPlus, allows the user to retrieve information on the basis of meaning and context of a fi'ee text query. The MatchPlus system uses a neural network based, constrained sel~organization technique to learn(More)
HNC Software, Inc. has developed a system called DOCUVERSE for visualizing the information content of large textual corpora. The system is built around two separate neural network methodologies: context vectors and self organizing maps. Context vectors (CVs) are high dimensional information representations that encode the semantic content of the textual(More)
The arrival of the information age has brought with it new challenges for handling the vast quantities of electronically available information. The ARPA and Intelligence Community sponsored TIPSTER program has risen to this challenge. New technologies have been developed for attacking problems in information retrieval, information extraction, and(More)
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