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The cocyclic Hadamard matrices of order less than 40
We use algebraic techniques to classify all cocyclic Hadamard matrices of order at most 36. Expand
Supraphos: a supramolecular strategy to prepare bidentate ligands.
We report a new strategy for the preparation of chelating bidentate ligands, which involves just the mixing of two monodentate ligands functionalized with complementary binding sites. In the currentExpand
Isolation and characterization of stable, distinctly bent, trans-chelated bisphosphine palladium(0) species.
The novel ligands and (i-Pr-Rucaphos, Cy-Rucaphos) react with (tmeda)PdMe(2) yielding ethane and distinctly bent, trans-spanning bisphosphine chelated 14-electron palladium(0) species, which haveExpand
Quasiregular Projective Panes of Order 16 -- A Computational Approach
This thesis discusses methods for the classification of finite projective planes via exhaustive search. In the main part the author classifies all projective planes of order 16 admitting a largeExpand
Innovations in Incidence Geometry
In this note we determine the automorphism groups of finite projective planes defined by monomial planar functions. We also decide the isomorphism problem for such planes.
Hap Programming – An experimental framework for objectifying the data structures of Hap
This extension does not change the behaviour of Hap and is fully backwards-compatible. It is not a part of Hap and there is no guarantee that it will at any point be supported by Hap. Use at your ownExpand