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A laparoscopic procedure used to achieve transperitoneal drainage of a lymphocele that developed three months after radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer is described. The lymphocele wall was resected through a peritoneal opening. After drainage of the lymphocele, a corner of the omentum was inserted into the cavity. Preoperative aspiration of the(More)
Use of varicose saphenous veins for infrainguinal bypass is often contraindicated because of the risk of immediate rupture or long-term aneurysm. In this report we describe four cases in which prosthetic reinforcement allowed successful femoropopliteal bypass grafting using highly varicose saphenous veins while preserving normal endothelium. No thrombosis(More)
The urachus can present a partial or complete obliteration defect. If the defect is situated in its vesical extremity, it then forms a diverticulum. The authors report a case of diverticulum of the urachus in a young adult, responsible for recurrent febrile urinary tract infections since the beginning of adolescence. The diagnosis was suggested by(More)
A 42-year-old man was consulted because of a pain in his left leg. He was a highly trained biker since 20 years. The echo-Doppler and arteriography evidenced a stenosis, probably due to endofibrosis of the external iliac artery. In addition, it showed an aneurysm and an intimal dissection of this artery. The arteriography confirmed this diagnosis, and(More)
OBJECTIVES The authors conducted a long-term evaluation of a modification of the Peyrera-Raz procedure by creation of a fixed point in the suprapubic fibrous tissue. MATERIAL AND METHODS The authors report a series of 38 patients who, despite pelvi-perineal rehabilitation, presented urinary stress incontinence corrected by Bonney's manoeuvre. Treatment(More)
To assess the usefulness of an experimental model of ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction designed to facilitate subsequent percutaneous surgery, a right UPJ obstruction was created in 10 pigs by an open retroperitoneal surgical approach. With the pig in the left lateral decubitus position, a 0.038-inch Terumo guidewire was inserted via a 1-cm(More)
OBJECTIVE To define the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to intradiverticular bladder tumour. METHODS Five cases are reported in which initial diverticulectomy was followed by cystectomy in one case, systemic MVAC chemotherapy in 2 cases and concomitant radiotherapy-chemotherapy (CRC) in 2 cases. RESULTS One patient has died (MVAC), one patient is in(More)