Marc Planes

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UNLABELLED The effect of Enoxaparin in the prevention of thromboembolism after total hip prosthesis has been controlled by phlebography. 228 consecutives patients were studied with 4 dose regimens: 60 mg once a day, 40 mg once a day, and 30 and 20 mg twice a day. CONCLUSIONS a total dose of 40 mg once a day or twice a day gives a rate of postoperative(More)
Four trials in which enoxaparin, a low-molecular-weight heparin, was used in patients having hip surgery are reported. In the first two trials, enoxaparin was given before general anesthesia. The protocol consisted of 40 mg of enoxaparin, 4,000 anti-factor Xa IU, subcutaneously 12 hours before surgery, followed by the same dose 12 hours after surgery and(More)
The main results of three successive prospective clinical trials which represent the successive steps in the definition of once-daily dosing of enoxaparin in elective hip surgery are demonstrated. In the first trial, a dose of 40 mg/day (4000 anti-Factor Xa IU), in one or two subcutaneous injections, was preferred to a dose of 60 mg because it gave the same(More)
We report here a de novo 16q24.1 interstitial duplication in a woman with a severe phenotype consistent with mental retardation, spastic paraplegia, severe epilepsy, a narrow and arched palate, malar hypoplasia, little subcutaneous fat and arachnodactyly. Although conventional karyotyping was found to be normal, array-CGH detected a small duplication on(More)