Marc-Philippe Huget

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MABLE is a language for the design and automatic verification of multi-agent systems. MABLE is essentially a conventional imperative programming language, enriched by constructs from the agent-oriented programming paradigm. A MABLE system contains a number of agents, programmed using the MABLE imperative programming language. Agents in MABLE have a mental(More)
Information Fusion Systems are now widely used in different fusion contexts, like scientific processing, sensor networks, video and image processing. One of the current trends in this area is to cope with distributed systems. In this context, we have defined and implemented a Dynamic Distributed Information Fusion System runtime model. It allows us to cope(More)
The problem of checking that agents correctly implement the semantics of an agent communication language has become increasingly important as agent technology makes its transition from the research laboratory to field-tested applications. In this paper, we show how model checking techniques can be applied this problem. Model checking is a technique(More)
We present MABLE, a fully implemented programming language for multi-agent systems, which is intended to support the automatic verification of such systems via model checking. In addition to the conventional constructs of imperative programming languages, MABLE provides a number of agent-oriented development features. First, agents in MABLE are endowed with(More)