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OBJECTIVE To determine whether blood pressure control in a general practice setting is influenced by the presence of additional risk factors, and to analyse the role of antihypertensive therapy in this relationship. DESIGN A cross-sectional study was conducted with a sample of 3153 general practitioners. SETTING Primary care. PARTICIPANTS The first(More)
Abstract . Let q he a power of a prime number, Fq the finite field with q elements, n an integer dividing q 1, n > 2, and g a character of order n of the multiplicative group Fq. I f X is an algebraic curve defined over Fq and if G is a divisor on X, we define a non linear code F(q, X, G, n, X) on an alphabet with n + 1 letters.We compute the parameters of(More)
We give a formula for the number of rational points of projective algebraic curves de ned over a nite eld, and a bound \ a la Weil" for connected ones. More precisely, we give the characteristic polynomials of the Frobenius endomorphism on the etale `-adic cohomology groups of the curve. Finally, as an analogue of Artin's holomorphy conjecture, we prove(More)
The aim of this paper is to explain how, starting from a Goppa code C(X,G, P1, ..., Pn) and a cyclic covering π : Y → X of degree m, one can twist the initial code to another one C(X,G + Dχ, P1, ..., Pn), where Dχ is a non-principal degree 0 divisor on X associated to a character χ of Gal(Y/X), in the hope that `X(G + Dχ) > `X(G). We give, using a MAGMA(More)
Let q be a power of an odd prime number and Fq be the finite field with q elements. We will construct a binary spherical code from an algebraic curve C defined over Fq and a rational divisor G on C, as the twist by the quadratic character 11 of the Goppa code L(G). The computation of the parameters of this code is based on the study of some character sums.(More)