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Following spinal cord injury (SCI), immune-mediated secondary processes exacerbate the extent of permanent neurological deficits. We investigated the capacity of adult bone marrow-derived stem cells, which exhibit immunomodulatory properties, to alter inflammation and promote recovery following SCI. In vitro, we show that human multipotent adult progenitor(More)
1. The effects of racemic (rac) ibuprofen and its S(+)- and R(-)-enantiomers on functions of human polymorphonuclear cells (PMN) and platelets were studied in vitro. 2. Rac-ibuprofen inhibited PMN functions (O2- generation, beta-glucuronidase release, LTB4 formation). Similar IC50 values (40-100 microM) were obtained for the S(+)- and R(-)-enantiomers. 3.(More)
INTRODUCTION The hERG (human ether-a-go-go related gene) potassium channel is required for normal cardiac repolarization, is susceptible to inhibition by a wide variety of compounds, and its blockage can lead to cardiac QT interval prolongation and life threatening arrhythmias. The present report examines the ability of hERG binding and functional assays to(More)
This study compares biological activities of racemic ibuprofen (rac-IBU) and its S(+) and R(-) enantiomeres in human platelet and polymorphonuclear cells (PMN). Rac-IBU inhibited cyclooxygenase-related platelet functions (aggregation, thromboxane (TX) B2 formation) in vitro, the S-(+) enantiomer being 40-100-times more active than the R-(-) form. rac-IBU(More)
This paper examines the evolution of spherical bubbles in a vacuum for all possible values of the controlling parameters within the context of the general relativistic thin-wall approximation. We propose a general classification of the admissible solutions and a graphical-numerical algorithm for their explicit construction from any given set of initial(More)
The chemoattractant receptor-homologous molecule expressed on T(H)2 cells (CRTH-2), also found on eosinophils and basophils, is a prostaglandin D2 receptor involved in the recruitment of these cell types during an inflammatory response. In this report, we describe the synthesis and optimization of a ramatroban isostere that is a selective and potent(More)
CRTh2 (DP(2)) is a prostaglandin D(2) receptor implicated in the recruitment of eosinophils and basophils within the asthmatic lung. Here we report the discovery of a novel series of 3-indolyl sultam antagonists with low nM affinity for CRTh2. These compounds proved to be selective over the other primary prostaglandin D(2) receptor (DP1) as well as the(More)
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