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Implementing compact, low-power artificial neural processing systems with real-time on-line learning abilities is still an open challenge. In this paper we present a full-custom mixed-signal VLSI device with neuromorphic learning circuits that emulate the biophysics of real spiking neurons and dynamic synapses for exploring the properties of computational(More)
An aryl trifluoromethyl diazirine photoreactive derivative was attached to the 2-thiocytidine residue at position 32 of tRNA(IArg) and this derivatized tRNA was bound to Escherichia coli 70S ribosomes. After irradiation at 350 nm the site of cross-linking to the 16S RNA was analyzed by our standard procedures and found to lie within the secondary structural(More)
—We present an automated design approach that leverages the commonly available digital design tools in order to rapidly synthesize asynchronous event-based interface circuits from behavioral VHDL code. As part of the proposed design approach, we describe a verification methodology that is able to reveal early in the design process potential timing failures(More)
There is a lack of relevant prognostic and predictive factors in neurooncology besides mutation of isocitrate dehydrogenase 1, codeletion of 1p/19q and promoter hypermethylation of O (6) -methylguanine-DNA-methyltransferase. More importantly, there is limited translation of these factors into clinical practice. The cancer genome atlas data and also clinical(More)
The pattern of human growth hormone (HGH) release was studied in depressed patients during sleep under EEG control and employing high temperature exposure. The patients were free of drugs and were compared with corresponding control groups. In the sleep study (6 depressed patients), 2 patients showed no definite increase in HGH plasma concentration, and 3(More)
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