Marc-Oliver Adams

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We sampled 14,603 geometrid moths along a forested elevational gradient from 1020-3021 m in the southern Ecuadorian Andes, and then employed DNA barcoding to refine decisions on species boundaries initially made by morphology. We compared the results with those from an earlier study on the same but slightly shorter gradient that relied solely on(More)
Insect herbivory constitutes an important constraint in the viability and management of targeted reforestation sites. Focusing on young experimental stands at about 2000 m elevation in southern Ecuador, we examined foliar damage over one season as a function of tree species and habitat. Native tree species (Successional hardwood: Cedrela montana and(More)
Information on larval diet of many holometabolous insects remains incomplete. Carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) stable isotope analysis in adult wing tissue can provide an efficient tool to infer such trophic relationships. The present study examines whether moth feeding guild affiliations taken from literature are reflected in isotopic signatures. Non-metric(More)
We surveyed insect communities (Coleoptera, Hemiptera, Lepidoptera) on native treelets (Cedrela montana, Heliocarpus americanus, Tabebuia chrysantha) planted among anthropogenic land cover types (pasture, secondary shrub, and a pine plantation), comparing them among one another and to those found on conspecific treelets in adjacent montane rainforest.(More)
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