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BACKGROUND With the introduction of the electronic health record, physiotherapists too are encouraged to store their patient records in a structured digital format. The typical nature of a physiotherapy treatment requires a specific record structure to be implemented, with special attention to user-friendliness and communication with other healthcare(More)
Patients that undergo treatment in the epilepsy clinic Kempenhaeghe in the Netherlands are being monitored with different sensory signals, including audio. In this paper a new patient monitoring system for the detection of epileptic seizures through audio classification is proposed. The proposed system enables automated detection of epileptic seizures,(More)
BACKGROUND Scarring of the liver is the result of prolonged exposure to exogenous or endogenous stimuli. At the onset of fibrosis, quiescent hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) activate and transdifferentiate into matrix producing, myofibroblast-like cells. AIM AND METHODS To identify key players during early HSC activation, gene expression profiling was(More)
AIM Direct and indirect effects of leptin on hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) have been documented in the literature, whereas little is known about leptin's actions on hepatocytes. Leptin mediates its profibrogenic and proinflammatory effects on HSCs in part through the production of intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS). In this study, we focus our(More)
Early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease (PD) is of immense importance, since clinical symptoms do not occur until substantial parts of the brain stem have been irreparably damaged. Recent work suggests that by means of transcranial sonography (TCS) it is possible to determine the formation of monogenic forms of parkinsonism at a very early state. In TCS(More)
The Belgian National Institute of Health Insurance is implementing an oral health data registration and surveillance system. This study aimed to develop and validate a system of electronic data capture for oral health surveys at a national level - Oral Survey-B - and to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the electronic system in comparison with(More)
OBJECTIVES EBP (evidence-based practice) is becoming the standard paradigm in modern healthcare. Therefore different healthcare providers have the need for easily accessible evidence-based information. The Internet creates new opportunities to fill the gaps in education that are experienced by healthcare workers. Contributing to solutions and filling in the(More)