Marc Novakouski

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Handheld mobile technology is reaching first responders and soldiers in the field to help with mission execution. A characteristic of mission execution environments is that people are typically deployed in teams or groups to execute the mission. Most commercially-available context-aware mobile applications are based on context expressed mainly as location(More)
Soldiers, first responders and other personnel operating at the tactical edge increasingly make use of mobile devices to help with tasks such as face recognition, language translation, decision-making and mission planning. Tactical-edge environments are characterized by limited resources, dynamic context, high stress and poor connectivity. This paper(More)
Identity management (IdM) is the complex and constantly evolving practice of identifying individuals and controlling their access to a network and connected resources. IdM research focuses primarily on making systems secure while the quality of the user experience is largely ignored. This article explores reasons why creating a user-centric IdM paradigm has(More)
Second, because the spiral model is based upon evolutionary software development, the spiral model expects and plans for a specific number of iterations[1] whereas one of the limitations of the iterative model is that it is impossible to know when you have reached the best solution[2]. With that said, the spiral model is also capable of supporting further(More)
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