Marc Martínez-Llordella

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+ populations were sorted from the LN and spleen of male mice. Post sort analysis of GFP vs. YFP (top row) and CD4 vs Foxp3 intracellular staining. (B) Schematic of the Foxp3 locus showing the TSDR amplified for CpG methylation analysis. The TATA box of the promoter is indicated, and Amp represents the region analyzed by bisulphite treatment, amplification(More)
During the initial hours after activation, CD4(+) T cells experience profound changes in gene expression. Co-stimulation via the CD28 receptor is required for efficient activation of naive T cells. However, the transcriptional consequences of CD28 co-stimulation are not completely understood. We performed expression microarray analysis to elucidate the(More)
Liver transplantation offers a unique window into transplant immunology due, in part, to the considerable proportion of recipients who develop immunological tolerance to their allograft. Biomarkers are able to identify and predict such a state of tolerance, and thereby able to establish suitable candidates for the minimization of hazardous immunosuppressive(More)
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