Marc Maraschek

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ASDEX Upgrade was operated with fully W-covered wall in 2007 and 2008. Stationary H-modes at the ITER target values and improved H-modes with H up to 1.2 were run without any boronisation. The boundary conditions set by the full W-wall (high enough ELM frequency, high enough central heating and low enough power density arriving at the target plates) require(More)
Real-time diamagnetic flux measurements are now available on ASDEX Upgrade. In contrast to the majority of diamagnetic flux measurements on other tokamaks, no analog summation of signals is necessary for measuring the change in toroidal flux or for removing contributions arising from unwanted coupling to the plasma and poloidal field coil currents. To(More)
— An adaptive mirror control strategy for tuning an optical resonator is described. The control approach is model-free and uses a small-amplitude perturbation signal to enable real-time estimation of the cost function gradient. The strategy has similarities with the approaches of 'stochastic approxima-tion' and 'extremum seeking control', which are(More)
In ASDEX Upgrade (AUG) electrostatic and magnetic fluctuations in the edge plasma region were measured simultaneously during ELMy H-mode (high confinement) plasmas and L-mode (low confinement) plasmas and during a transition between the two modes. A special probe was used containing six Langmuir probe pins of graphite of which one is protruding radially. In(More)
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