Marc Majoral

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The long bones of 72 individuals of extant platyrrhines, belonging to 17 species (11 genera) were studied by regressions of length, diameters and curvature. Cross-sectional shapes at midshaft and axial and bending strength indicators were also calculated. Results show that forelimb bones scale faster than hindlimb bones, for both length and diameters.(More)
—In this paper we propose two Reinforcement Learning (RL) algorithms as a solution for the aggregated interference management, in realistic femto networks characterized by high dynamism due to, e.g., mobility of users, lognormal shadowing, fast fading, random activity patterns of femto nodes, etc. We discuss the Q-Learning (QL) algorithm, presented in(More)
The length of the vertebral column of 425 primates (151 prosimians, 76 platyrrhines and 198 catarrhines) was related to body mass from bibliographic sources. Regressions were calculated for the whole sample and separately for the three taxonomic groups quoted above. In parallel, the lengths of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions were calculated in a(More)
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