Marc Lemercier

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Learning from past projects allows designers to avoid previous errors and to solve problems. Several methods have defined techniques to memorize lessons and experiences from projects in what we call project memory. This paper presents our traceability approach that allows to extract knowledge without perturbing designers' activities. Our approach is based(More)
A proposal from the DARSI (ADSNI) project team: is the set of attributes of a node Abstract With the exponential growth of social networks of Internet the identity of an individual has become numerical and thus diffused in both time and space dimensions. We cannot ignore that online social network has become a new platform for people to communicate and(More)
The number of smartphone users has increased significantly over the last decade. The number of people using social networking sites is also increasing, and these platforms offer many features through which individuals can communicate with their contacts. The digital sphere is an opportunity for communication, but it is also an unprecedented arena for(More)
Online social networks and microblogging platforms have collected a huge number of users this last decade. On such platforms, traces of activities are automatically recorded and stored on remote servers. Open data deriving from these traces of interactions represent a major opportunity for social network analysis and mining. This leads to important(More)