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The effects of endothelin receptor blockade on the pulmonary circulation have been reported variably, possibly in relation to a more or less important associated release of endogenous nitric oxide (NO). The aim of this study was to test whether endothelin antagonism would inhibit hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction, and if it would not, then would it do so(More)
Familial transmission of affective illness was studied using a family interview and family history method in a group of 35 bipolar manic-depressive patients. Morbidity risk for bipolar and unipolar affective illness in first-degree relatives is approximately 30% in this population. Probands with a positive family history for bipolar illness have a(More)
INTRODUCTION The role played by several vasoactive mediators that are synthesized and released by the pulmonary vascular endothelium in the regulation of hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction (HPV) remains unclear. As a potent vasoconstrictor, angiotensin II could be involved. We tested the hypothesis that angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition by(More)
Some suggestive data regarding age of onset and the relationship of stress to onset in a group of bipolar manic-depressive patients and their first-degree relatives are presented. Possible explanations of the interesting correlation in age of onset among family members are discussed. Because of a small sample size, the clinical significance of the findings(More)
In multimedia applications, run-time memory management support has to allow real-time memory de/allocation, retrieving and processing of data. Thus, its implementation must be designed to combine high speed, low power, large data storage capacity and a high memory bandwidth. In this paper, we assess the performance of our new system-level exploration(More)
The behavior of many algorithms is heavily determined by the input data. Furthermore, this often means that multiple and completely different execution paths can be followed , also internal data usage and handling is frequently quite different. Therefore, static compile time memory allocation is not efficient, especially on embedded systems where memory is(More)
— The rapid evolution in sub-micron process technology allows presently more complex systems to be implemented in embedded devices. In the near future, portable consumer devices must run multimedia and wireless network applications that require an enormous computational performance (1-40GOP S) at a low energy consumption (0.1-2W). In these multimedia and(More)
In current multimedia applications like 3D graphical processing or games, the run-time memory management support has to allow real-time memory de/allocation, retrieving and data processing. The implementations of these algorithms for embedded platforms require high speed, low power and large data storage capacity. Due to the large hardware/software(More)
Cyclooxygenase (COX) products and nitric oxide (NO) inhibit hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction (HPV), and their release could contribute to alterations in gas exchange in lung injury. We tested the hypothesis that combined blockade of COX and NO synthase (NOS) could further increase HPV and better protect gas exchange in lung injury than could blockade of(More)
— Nowadays, 3D multimedia applications have grown rapidly in number and consist of complex systems (e.g. 3D graphical processing or games) that process extensive amounts of data to create 3D images and results. This produces high-cost and high-power consumption systems whereas a superior portability demands cheap and low-power consumption ones. In these(More)