Marc Lacruche

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Laser fault injection into SRAM cells is a widely used technique to perform fault attacks. In previous works, Roscian and Sarafianos studied the relations between the layout of the cell, its different laser-sensitive areas and their associated fault model using 50 ns duration laser pulses. In this paper, we report similar experiments carried out using(More)
This paper presents a study on the effect of Forward Body Biasing on the laser fault sensitivity of a CMOS 90nm microcontroller. Tests were performed on a register of this target, under several supply voltage and body bias settings, showing significant laser sensitivity variations. Based on these results, a method which aims at decreasing fault(More)
As security constraints are becoming more and more important, even for low-cost and low-power devices, new attacks and countermeasures are constantly proposed. Following this trend, Body Bias Injection (BBI) was introduced a few years ago. This new fault injection method consists in applying a high voltage pulse on the circuit substrate to induce faults.(More)
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