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In contrast to sequential computation, concurrent computation gives rise to parallel events. Efforts to translate the history of concurrent computations into sequential event traces result in the potential uncertainty of the observed order of these events. Loosely coupled distributed systems complicate this uncertainty even further by introducing the(More)
Both Lawrence's HCSP [1] and Smith, et al's VCR [2] (an earlier version appears in [3]) extend CSP [4] with representations of truly concurrent events. Previously , VCR was described using an operational semantics, while the semantics of HCSP's Acceptances model, like those of the predominant CSP models described by Roscoe [5] (e.g., Traces, Failures /(More)
View-Centric Reasoning (VCR) replaces CSP's [1] perfect observer with multiple, possibly imperfect observers. To employ view-centric reasoning within existing CSP models [2] requires a bookkeeping change. Specifically, VCR [3] introduces parallel events as a new primitive for constructing traces, and distinguishes two types of traces: histories and views.(More)
BACKGROUND The most diverse marine ecosystems, coral reefs, depend upon a functional symbiosis between cnidarian hosts and unicellular dinoflagellate algae. The molecular mechanisms underlying the establishment, maintenance, and breakdown of the symbiotic partnership are, however, not well understood. Efforts to dissect these questions have been slow, as(More)
We wish to let CBE—Life Sciences Education readers know about a portal to a set of curricular lab modules designed to integrate genomics and bioinformatics into commonly taught courses at all levels of the undergraduate curriculum. Through a multi-year, collaborative process, we developed, implemented, and peer-reviewed inquiry-based, integrated(More)
Using the extended model for view-centric reasoning, EVCR, we focus on the many possibilities for concurrent processes to be composed. EVCR is an extension of VCR, both models of true concurrency; VCR is an extension of CSP, which is based on an interleaved semantics for modeling concurrency. VCR, like CSP, utilizes traces of instantaneous events, though(More)
There are many different models of concurrent processes. The goal of this work is to introduce a common formalized framework for current research in this area and to eliminate shortcomings of existing models of concurrency. Following up the previous research of the authors and other researchers on concurrency, here we build a high-level metamodel EAP(More)