Marc L. Mansfield

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The integrals V (n1, n2, n3) = integral dr x(n)1 y(n)2 z(n)3, where integral dr represents integration over the volume of a body, such as a molecule, where x, y, and z are Cartesian coordinates of a point in the interior of the body relative to an arbitrary reference frame, and where n1, n2, and n3 are integers greater than or equal to zero, constitute(More)
BACKGROUND In all known living organisms, every enzyme that synthesizes nucleic acid polymers does so by adding nucleotide 5′-triphosphates to the 3′-hydroxyl group of the growing chain. This results in the well known 5'→3' directionality of all DNA and RNA Polymerases. The lack of any alternative mechanism, e.g. addition in a 3'→5' direction, may indicate(More)
We have computed the hydrodynamic radius Rh and intrinsic viscosity [eta] of a large number of random coil polymer models by path integration. We examine the effects of chain length, solvent quality, monomer size and shape, and chain stiffness on the approach of these transport properties to the limit of large molecular mass. For many of the models, we have(More)
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