Marc L Laughlin

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Acute pharmacological blockade of alpha1 adrenoreceptors (ARs) attenuates the locomotor response to amphetamine (LRA). We took a genetic approach to study how norepinephrine (NE) signaling modulates psychostimulant responses by testing LRA in dopamine beta-hydroxylase knockout (Dbh-/-) mice that lack NE. Surprisingly, Dbh-/- animals were hypersensitive to(More)
The laboratory information system market remains volatile despite a "flattening out" in overall sales, says industry consultant and analyst Sheldon I. Dorenfest. Vendors that were giants just a few years ago have been felled by smaller competitors, but no company can afford to rest easy in its current position.
A diverse group of users, vendors, employers, insurers and government officials met in Washington in July for the Computer-Based Patient Record Institute's First Annual Meeting. Deemed "the focal point" of legislation demanding automated patient records, their task was to overcome a myriad of differences and form a true coalition that can meet an ambitious,(More)
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