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Summary form only given. We present a case study of solving very large sparse linear systems in end-to-end accelerator structure simulations. Both direct solvers and iterative solvers are investigated. A parallel multilevel preconditioner based on hierarchical finite element basis functions is considered and has been implemented to accelerate the(More)
This paper describes a major computational effort that addresses key design issues in the high gradient accelerating structures for the proposed X-band linear collider, GLC/NLC. Supported by the US DOE's Accelerator Simulation Project, SLAC is developing a suite of parallel electromagnetic codes based on unstructured grids for modeling RF structures with(More)
Terahertz imaging makes it possible to acquire images of objects concealed underneath clothing by measuring the radiometric temperatures of dierent objects on a human subject. Finding objects hidden under clothes is one of key issues of public places security. A possible solution of this problem is a multispectral, terahertz-based screening system with(More)
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