Marc Kessler

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Some semi-synthetic flavonoids, particularly derivatives of rutin, are used as therapeutic agents in the treatment of diseases involving free radicals. Here, for the first time, a complete study has been made of the relationship between the structure of such molecules and their superoxide, hydroxyl and peroxyl radical scavenging activity. The molecules(More)
A good abdominal probabilistic atlas can provide important information to guide segmentation and registration applications in the abdomen. Here we build and test probabilistic atlases using 24 abdominal CT scans with available expert manual segmentations. Atlases are built by picking a target and mapping other training scans onto that target and then(More)
Different studies have demonstrated that the bioactivity of hydroxyflavones is due to their antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity. Recently, most interest has been devoted to structure-activity relationships; however, the main problems encountered in these studies are the low solubility of some hydroxyflavones in aqueous solution and the(More)
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