Marc Jungers

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A class of Lyapunov functions is proposed for discrete-time linear systems interconnected with a cone bounded nonlinearity. Using these functions, we propose sufficient conditions for the global stability analysis, in terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMI), only taking the bounded sector condition into account. Unlike frameworks based on the Lur’e-type(More)
In this paper, the stabilizability of discrete-time linear switched systems is considered. Several sufficient conditions for stabilizability are proposed in the literature, but not a necessary and sufficient one. The main contribution is a computation-oriented necessary and sufficient condition for stabilizability based on set-theory. Based on such a(More)
We consider wireless networks that can be modeled by multiple access channels in which all the terminals are equipped with multiple antennas. The propagation model used to account for the effects of transmit and receive antenna correlations is the unitary-invariant-unitary model, which is one of the most general models available in the literature. In this(More)
In this paper we consider the stabilizability property for discrete-time switched linear systems. Novel conditions, in LMI form, are presented that permit to combine generality with computational affordability. The relations and implications between different conditions, new ones and taken from literature, for stabilizability are analyzed to infer and(More)
MPC for LPV systems with bounded parameter variations Marc Jungers a , Ricardo C.L.F. Oliveira b & Pedro L.D. Peres b a Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy (CRAN) , Nancy-Université , CNRS, 2 avenue de la foret de Haye, F-54516, Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France b School of Electrical and Computer Engineering , University of Campinas – UNICAMP ,(More)
In this paper we deal with the stabilizability property for discrete-time switched linear systems. A recent necessary and sufficient characterization of stabilizability, based on set theory, is considered as the reference for comparing the computation-oriented sufficient conditions. The classical BMI conditions based on Lyapunov-Metzler inequalities are(More)
Introduction: The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) rover "Curiosity" will land in Gale crater on 6 August 2012 UT to begin a mission to investigate the habitability of an ancient aqueous sedimentary environment on Mars. MSL carries a comprehensive payload of remote sensing and in situ instruments designed to characterize the geology, elemental composition,(More)
This note deals with linear-quadratic Stackelberg differential games including time preference rates with an open-loop information structure. The properties of the characteristic matrix associated with the necessary conditions for a Stackelberg strategy are pointed out. It is shown that such a matrix exhibits a special symmetry property of its eigenvalues.(More)
This manuscript deals with the stabilization of a class of nonlinear discrete-time systems under control saturations including time-varying parameter dependency. The studied control law consists of the gain scheduled feedback of the measured output and of the nonlinearity present in the dynamics of the controlled system. Furthermore the saturations are(More)