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As a basic building block of many applications, sorting algorithms that efficiently run on modern machines are key for the performance of these applications. With the recent shift to using GPUs for general purpose compuing, researches have proposed several sorting algorithms for single-GPU systems. However, some workstations and HPC systems have multiple(More)
Discrete GPUs in modern multi-GPU systems can transparently access each other's memories through the PCIe interconnect. Future systems will improve this capability by including better GPU interconnects such as NVLink. However, remote memory access across GPUs has gone largely unnoticed among programmers, and multi-GPU systems are still programmed like(More)
Heterogeneous systems formed by traditional CPUs and compute accelerators, such as GPUs, are becoming widely used to build modern supercomputers. However, many different system topologies (i.e., how CPUs, accelerators, and I/O devices are interconnected) are being deployed. Each system organization presents different trade-offs when transferring data(More)
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