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OBJECTIVE Kleptomania, or the irresistible impulse to steal unneeded objects, is a poorly understood disorder. The objectives of this paper are to critically review and integrate existing data and to make suggestions for further research. DATA COLLECTION Information was gathered by reviewing the English-language literature on kleptomania. Cases were(More)
Acquisition of three-alternative simultaneous matching-to-sample and oddity-from-sample was investigated. Five goldfish were trained on matching and five on oddity for a minimum of 70 days. Subsequently, six of the fish were trained for 70 days on the other task. Acquisition was similar for oddity and matching. Correct responding started at about chance(More)
Some investigators believe that patients with epilepsy are at increased risk of sudden death, perhaps because of cardiac arrhythmias. We studied 338 patients with epilepsy referred for simultaneous ambulatory EEG/ECG monitoring. High-risk cardiac arrhythmias were detected in 18 (5.3%) patients while low-risk arrhythmias or negative studies were found in the(More)
The effect of dietary fiber on serum estrogen concentrations was studied in 62 premenopausal women. Their estimated daily dietary fiber intake was increased from an average of approximately 15 g to 30 g/d by supplementation with wheat, oat, or corn bran. This was done without any significant decrease in dietary fat consumption. After 2 mo on the high-fiber(More)
A retrospective study of tooth loss in 211 patients who were treated for periodontal disease in private practice and maintained for 15 to 34 years on 3- to 6-month recall schedules is reported. The average age of the patients was 42 years, and the average length of time in maintenance was 22 years. On the basis of response to therapy, the patients were(More)
An implant was determined to be clinically and radiographically failing. The implant was treated as if it were a natural tooth with periodontal disease. The defect around the implant was degranulated and a polytetrafluoroethylene periodontal membrane placed over the implant to cover the defect. The membrane was removed 6 weeks later. A 5-month re-entry(More)
Certain human lymphocyte antigen (HLA) haplotypes have been correlated with the presence of certain diseases. To date no significant relationship between periodontitis and HLA haplotype has been demonstrated. The purpose of this study was to determine the frequency of HLA-A, HLA-B and HLA-C haplotypes in patients resistant to chronic periodontitis and to(More)
In this study ventilation was evaluated in 12-mo-old male and female rats who had received large doses of aspartic acid neonatally. Rats of both sexes treated with aspartic acid were obese, stunted, and exhibited hypogonadism. Although metabolic rates of the aspartic acid-treated rats were not different compared with sex-matched controls, ventilatory(More)