Marc I. Gerritsma

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Generalized polynomial chaos (gPC) has non-uniform convergence and tends to break down for long-time integration. The reason is that the probability density distribution (PDF) of the solution evolves as a function of time. The set of orthogonal polynomials associated with the initial distribution will therefore not be optimal at later times, thus causing(More)
This paper describes the recently developed mixed mimetic spectral element method for the Stokes problem in the vorticity-velocity-pressure formulation. This compatible discretiza-tion method relies on the construction of a conforming discrete Hodge decomposition, that is based on a bounded projection operator that commutes with the exterior derivative. The(More)
In this paper we apply the recently developed mimetic discretization method [44] to the mixed formulation of the Stokes problem in terms of the vorticity-velocity-pressure formulation. The mimetic discretization presented in this paper and in [44] is a higher-order method for curvilinear quadrilaterals. It relies on the language of differential k-forms,(More)