Marc Helbling

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We present new hairy black hole solutions of SU(N) Einstein-Yang-Mills (EYM) theory in asymptotically anti-de Sitter (AdS) space. These black holes are described by N+1 independent parameters and have N-1 independent gauge field degrees of freedom. Solutions in which all gauge field functions have no zeros exist for all N, and for a sufficiently large (and(More)
This paper considers two common assumptions that often arise in the empirical literature on xenophobia—namely that xenophobic attitudes are found mostly among the poorly educated, and that xenophbia mainly concerns immigrants from low social classes and from geographically and culturally disparate nations. These arguments will be discussed in the context of(More)
Drawing on psychological and political science research on individuals' sensitivity to threat cues, the present study examines reactions to political posters that depict male immigrants as a sexual danger. We expect anti-immigrant attitudes to be more strongly predicted by feelings of insecurity or representations of men and women as strong and fragile when(More)
Introduction The effectiveness of migration policies has been widely contested in the face of their oft perceived failure to control the movement of people. Because migration is driven by economic, demographic and political processes in origin and destination societies that are far beyond the scope of migration policies, the argument goes that policy(More)
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