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—In guided urban automated transportation systems, the maintenance of a high-quality broadband train-to-wayside communication at all locations along the track poses a major problem. Several techniques are currently used. However, to achieve sufficient rates, a communication frequency range of 2–6 GHz is widely in use. At these frequencies, the natural(More)
— Applications of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) in land transportation systems are already extensively deployed and will certainly continue to grow especially in the framework of Intelligent Transport Systems. However, one of the best-known drawbacks of such a system is the lack of satellite visibility in dense urban areas as well as in some(More)
For several years road vehicle autonomous cruise control (ACC) systems as well as anti-collision radar have been developed. Several manufacturers currently sell this equipment. The current generation of ACC sensors only track the first preceding vehicle to deduce its speed and position. These data are then used to compute, manage and optimize a safety(More)
Recently, new standards have emerged in the telecommunication industry, which provide an open global specification that enables mobile devices to access and interact with information and services instantly. These mobile devices are, for example, laptops and personal digital assistants. These emerging standards, generically called wireless "x" area networks(More)
— This paper explores the possibility to realise the indoor positioning system using the Ultra wide Band. The Ultra wide band technique allow a high precision ranging due to its fine resolution in order to resolve multipath fading and the presence of lower frequencies in the base band in order to penetrate walls. Three stations or transmitters are necessary(More)
The paper deals with the PANsafer project which aims at improving safety at Level Crossings. This project integrates several tasks; First a fine statistical analysis is carried out using accidents/incidents data basis as well as several other sources. At the same time we lead a human behaviour study at LX area in order to determine potential risky(More)