Marc Heddebaut

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— Applications of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) in land transportation systems are already extensively deployed and will certainly continue to grow especially in the framework of Intelligent Transport Systems. However, one of the best-known drawbacks of such a system is the lack of satellite visibility in dense urban areas as well as in some(More)
—In guided urban automated transportation systems, the maintenance of a high-quality broadband train-to-wayside communication at all locations along the track poses a major problem. Several techniques are currently used. However, to achieve sufficient rates, a communication frequency range of 2–6 GHz is widely in use. At these frequencies, the natural(More)
—This paper studies a new localization system for railway transport using Ultra Wideband (UWB) radio and Time Reversal (TR) techniques. UWB radio has the potential to offer good performance in terms of localization precision. Time Reversal channel pre-filtering facilitates signal detection and also helps increasing the received energy in a targeted area. In(More)