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STUDY OBJECTIVE To assess the ability of parents to estimate their children's weight. METHODS We assembled a convenience sample of children, newborn to 5 years, who presented to the ED of a tertiary care hospital. Each child's mother or father was asked to estimate the child's weight as accurately as possible. The triage nurse then weighed the child on an(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examined whether unrestrained left rear-seat passengers increase the risk of death of belted drivers involved in serious crashes with at least one fatality. METHODS The information from every fatal crash in the United States between 1995 and 2001 was analyzed. Variables such as point of impact, restraint use, seat position, vehicle(More)
Aspects of the bacteriological and immunological status of patients with leg ulcers who also need podiatric treatment have been examined. Qualitative and quantitative bacteriological analyses of 52 patients have provided values for the numbers and types of bacteria present. A simple survey of the immunological status of 11 of the patients was also(More)
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