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The research described in this paper primarily involves mesoscale simulations: dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) of packed assemblies of oriented fibers suspended in a viscous medium. Computer simulations have been performed in order to explore how the aspect ratio and degree of fiber alignment affect the critical volume fraction (percolation threshold)(More)
We introduce and apply a variant of a dynamic self-consistent field simulation in two dimensions to predict the structure of interfaces between a nematic and an amorphous polymer compatibilized by a diblock copolymer. First, we investigate the effect of the nematic order on the polymer polymer interface without compatibilizer. Then we include the(More)
Introduction: Estimates of metabolites in the brain using large-FOV chemical shift imaging (CSI) are severely hampered by strong lipid signals even though the interfering signal arises from subcutaneous tissue. Since SNR in MR is proportional to voxel size [1] the low metabolite concentration, and therefore low SNR in spectroscopic imaging dictates large(More)
A parametrized mesoscale model for the early stage growth of isolated single or multiwall carbon nanotubes (CNTs) has been developed in order to investigate the effects of metal catalyst particle size and composition on CNT growth mechanism during synthesis via a substrate-supported, catalytic chemical vapor deposition process. The model is based on a(More)
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