Marc H Patterson

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Arthroscopy and washout of the knee is commonly performed for early osteoarthritis. Very little information exists regarding long-term prognosis, especially in terms of avoidance of further surgery. Using a prospectively gathered database, 100 consecutive patients having knee arthroscopy with a finding of OA between 1991 and 1993 were identified and their(More)
This study investigates the efficiency of the Manchester Orthopaedic Database (MOD), a computer software package for record collection and audit. Data is entered into the system in the form of diagnostic, operative and complication keywords. We have calculated the completeness, accuracy and quality (completeness x accuracy) of keyword data in the MOD in two(More)
We describe preliminary observations on the use of free vascularised transfer of proximal fibular epiphysis in replacement of proximal humeral epiphysis or distal radial epiphysis in three patients. An analysis of the early results shows evidence of longitudinal growth, graft hypertrophy and epiphyseal adaptation in transplanted epiphysis. A review of the(More)
We studied the outcome of tennis elbow release in 27 patients at an average of 29.6 months after surgery. We found that 44% of patients had obtained complete pain relief, 37% of patients experienced occasional pain and 19% of patients still experienced moderate pain. Pain relief was significantly better in those patients with the shorter duration of(More)
The efficient use of operating lists is important to clear waiting lists and because they are expensive to run (at 1988 prices, 151 pounds per hour). Of general surgical theatre session time, 49% is used for performing operations, but no survey of orthopaedic theatre sessions has been published. In light of this we surveyed 151 elective orthopaedic lists at(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of needlestick injuries in farmers and veterinary surgeons is significant and the consequences of such an injection can be serious. CASE PRESENTATION We report accidental injection of bovine vaccine into the base of the little finger. This resulted in increased pressure in the flexor sheath causing signs and symptoms of ischemia.(More)
We describe a new method of reconstruction after resection of tumours of the proximal tibia by grafting and arthrodesis of the knee. Two separate vascularised bone grafts from the ipsilateral limb were used, one a gastrocnemius-pedicled femoral graft and the other a pedicled fibular graft. An anatomical study of the gastrocnemius-pedicled femoral graft was(More)
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