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We present in this paper experimental and simulation results on the propagation of IEMI disturbances along a commercial power network mockup. Two different numerical tools were used in this study: CST Cable Studio and the CRIPTE code. The presented results show that an accurate modeling of the propagation along real cabling scenarios requires a very high(More)
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is part of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) handling all issues of non-intentional interference between transmitters and receivers. In this document, various models and methods are described in order to carry out EMI simulations and evaluate the performance degradation of cosite equipments of a system. A next step will(More)
This paper deals with the problem of HF surface wave radar. The goal is to integrate in a unique tool the antenna radiation and the propagation calculations in order to make the analysis consistent. Only the antenna problem is presented here. However the way the propagation problem will be further considered is presented. Cross check of the tool validity(More)
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