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Application of the discrete Fourier transform to the search for generalised Legendre pairs and Hadamard matrices
We introduce Legendre sequences and generalised Legendre pairs (G L­ pairs). Expand
New D-optimal designs via cyclotomy and generalised cyclotomy
  • Marc Gysin
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Australas. J Comb.
  • 1997
D-optimal designs obtained via circulant matrices are equivalent to 2-{ v; kl i k2 i k1 + k2 ~(v 1). Expand
An experimental search and new combinatorial designs via a generalisation of cyclotomy
Cyclotomy can be used to construct a variety of combinatorial designs, for example, supplementary difference sets, weighing matrices and T -matrices. These designs may be obtained by using linearExpand
On ternary complementary pairs
We give an overview of existing constructions and techniques and present a variety of new constructions, new restrictions on the deficiencies and new computational results for TCP's . Expand
Algorithms for searching for normal and near- Yang sequences
An exhaustive search for length n = 25 has been carried out for about 80% of the search-space and new normal sequences of length 25 have been found. Expand
On New Families of Supplementary Difference Sets over Rings with Short Orbits
We discuss difference sets (DS) and supplementary difference sets (SDS) over rings. We survey some constructions of SDS over Galois rings where there are no short orbits. ,From there we move toExpand
A New and Efficient Fail-stop Signature Scheme
We give an efficient fail-stop signature scheme that uses two hard problems, discrete logarithm and factorization, as the basis of a receiver’s security. Expand
Multiplications of ternary complementary pairs
We present a computer-search method for concatenating or "multiplying" binary or ternary complementary pairs. Expand
A One-Key Cryptosystem Based on a Finite Nonlinear Automaton
  • Marc Gysin
  • Computer Science
  • Cryptography: Policy and Algorithms
  • 3 July 1995
A finite nonlinear automaton for a one-key blockcipher cryptosystem is presented. Expand
Generalised Cycling Attacks on RSA and Strong RSA Primes
Given an RSA modulus n, a ciphertext c and the encryption exponent e, one can construct the sequence x0 = c mod n, xi+1 = xie mod n; i = 0, 1,... until gcd(xi+1 - x0, n) ≠ 1 or i or i > B, B a givenExpand